You Can Help/Donations


Kiwi live amongst us on the Russell Peninsula.  If you listen carefully you can hear them calling most nights, even in town.  This is special!  By supporting “Russell Kiwi Protection” you can help kiwi thrive and increase the chance of a kiwi nesting in your backyard.

With support from our community, visitors who come to this wonderful place and anybody who cares about kiwi, we  can double the kiwi population on the Russell Peninsula.

Your donation will make difference!

MAKE A DONATION to enable us to do the work.

Don’t forget, your donation is tax deductible.

You can donate money by setting up a monthly donation by automatic payment of any amount you wish to Russell Landcare Trust Westpac 03 0394 0112557-01

To make it easy you can donate in any of the following ways:

  1. ONLINE BANKING directly to our account . This is our preferred method as it means every one of your dollars reaches us.
  2. Account: 03 0394 0112557 01 Account name: Russell Landcare Trust
    Please put “Kiwi donation” in the particulars field and your name as the reference. Then send us an email at or a letter so we can send you your tax deductible receipt.
  3. BY CHEQUE made out to Russell Landcare Trust and post it to:
    Russell Landcare Trust,
    c/0 13 Baker Street,
    Russell 0202Include your name and address so we can send you a receipt.
  • PUT OUT A KIWI NESTING BOX in your bush or garden. We can build a nest box for you,  help you choose a good place to put it, and show you how to look after it.
  • SET UP YOUR OWN PREDATOR CONTROL on your land or in your neighbourhood.

We cover public lands and are working with some private landowners but there‘s a lot of the peninsula we don’t cover – residential land, houses, baches, gardens and back yards like yours.

If you’d like us to do predator control on your land or help you set up your own programme call the Project Co-ordinator, Eion Harwood on 021 173 1130.  Why not get together with your neighbours to cover your street or area?


CATS – please keep your cat  inside at night.  This is when kiwi chicks are out and cats hunt most actively at night.  You can also put a bell on your cat’s collar.

DOGS – don’t let your dog wander, even on your own property if you have any bush.  Keep it on a leash in public reserves and walkways or near any bush. Kiwi have a strong smell which is irresistible to dogs, even the most docile of pooches. Far too often in Northland adult kiwi are killed by dogs.