Before humans arrived in New Zealand there were no ground-dwelling mammals – it was the land of birds.  But that changed when people arrived with rats, cats, dogs, stoats, possums etc. Our native forests and wildlife have no defences against these recent arrivals so it is essential to control introduced predators to protect native ecosystems.  Pest control keeps forests and wetlands as functioning habitats and enables native birds, insects and lizards to breed and thrive.

Russell Kiwi Protection maintains its own network of traps and we encouarage and support landowners to do their own trapping.  We can provide you with the advice you need to get started and make a difference or we can organise a program for you.  If you’re a landowner and you want pest control on your land, these are some of your options:

  • Make a donation to enable us to do the dirty work.
  • Ask us for advice/help to set up a own pest control program on your place.  Contact the Project Coordinator at

And don’t forget, if you own a pet please keep your cat inside at night and don’t let your dog wander (even on your own property, especially if you have a bit of bush on it).


$100 for a rat trap with a year’s servicing

[paypal-donation purpose=”rat trap with a year’s servicing” amount=”100″]

$150 for a double mustelid (stoat) trap

[paypal-donation purpose=”double mustelid (stoat) trap” amount=”150″]

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