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Tui Bird
Tui Bird

How You Can Make a Difference


Unfortunately, the greatest cause of death of adult kiwi in Northland is dogs.

Dogs may not mean to kill kiwi, but kiwi smell very strongly and are very fragile.   A dog can kill a kiwi simply by picking it up gently in its mouth or giving it a playful push with its muzzle. Any size or breed of dog can be a threat.  The only sure way to help protect kiwi is to stop dogs from coming near them.

Luckily, this issue is easily solved – people are the key.

How can dog owners help save kiwi?

You can help by ensuring dogs are:

  • Contained on your property, so there is no chance of them wandering.
  • On a lead when walking (unless in an off-leash area).
  • Registered and neutered (if you don’t intend to breed from them).


Any pet can be a risk to a Kiwi


The easiest way to make a difference as a cat owner is to keep your cat inside at night.  This is when kiwi chicks are out and also when cats choose to hunt most actively. Another easy solution is to put a bell on your cat’s collar, to give the birds fair warning that a cat is around.