The Russell Peninsula is a very special place.  It’s one of the very few places in New Zealand where wild kiwi and weka live side-by-side with people.

Native forest clothes hillsides, wetlands nestle in valleys and salt marsh and mangroves hug the shore. These habitats are home to an array of native birds, insects and lizards, including rare species.

Russell Peninsula is special and we want to keep it that way for the future generations.  But pests and weeds are modifying these habitats and native animals are being eaten by introduced predators like rats, stoats and possums.  .

The goal of Russell Kiwi Protection is to control introduced predators to double the number of kiwi on the peninsula and keep our forests, wetlands and coasts full of life.

Other special and endangered native birds and insects flourish throughout the Russell peninsula.

Tui feeding in Kowhai tree

More protection of this special place is vital if we want to retain it for future generations.